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Oil & Gas:

We provide high-quality service and knowledge of the hydrocarbons sector in the upstream and midstream segments, for private, state or semi-state oil companies, with direct knowledge of the oil operation in the field (continental areas, offshore, under unification, etc.).

We structure and support oil operations in the field, for operators and investors, whether local or foreign, private or semi-state, or any other type of operation: individual or joint; under contracts with Ecopetrol or the ANH; private agreements or participation through royalties; under local or cross-border standards; joint operating agreements; unifications or unitizations, accounting agreements; operating or executive committees, etcetera.

We advise on the pipeline transportation regulation, on tariffs procedures and methodologies, carrier manuals, investment in transportation companies, transportation contracts under its different modalities, among others. We also structure and accompany natural gas producers-marketers in the regulatory negotiation periods for supply; import businesses, among many others.

We advise companies dedicated to the extraction of coal, gold, copper and other minerals, in their concessions and other mining titles, ordinary mining companies, field operation matters, contractual, labor, environmental, regulatory matters in mining projects and operations in its different phases.

Renewable energy:
We structure the corporate and contractual environment that, within the regulatory and legal requirements, supports the energy transition plans towards unconventional sources.